About me

I am an enthusiastic explorer and researcher of life’s meaning, a drummer, a mother, a wife, a forty-something generation X woman searching for her voice in a world that is going hundreds of miles per hour and trying to stop it to enjoy the view.

SoulBraining started brewing inside me a while ago when I felt really stuck and one day my husband said to me: »You know what your problem is? Your head is processing all this useless information just going and going and not forming any sort of relevant and meaningful content.« Being an information officer he effectively used his professional jargon to point out the obvious to me: »It’s time you hit the road of self-discovery and start letting out all these stories you have hidden inside and because you are accumulating heavy stormy clouds. So before you go off like an atomic bomb, start dismantling it gently, slowly, and authentically.«

And he was right. I have been jumping on a lot of fast trains taking me to destinations that I didn’t want to find myself in. For once in my life, I wanted to impress MYSELF. Not my boss, not Jesus, not my family, but myself. I’ve been a »waitress, a maid and a cook« to all of them and it was time I made a lovely slow food dinner for myself – and enjoy every bit of it.

So finding my voice and presenting authentic voices of other interesting people is a thread of conversation I need to take for me to make sense again.

Lucija Berce